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HYBRID FUNDER makes it simple to apply and secure funding. Unlike other funders in the market place , we care that your business succeeds and will take the time to listen to your business plans before rejecting an application—regardless of credit or collateral.


We understand that there are times when you fall a little short, whether it’s because you have pending unpaid receivables, or unexpected expenses arose. Contacting Hybrid Funder will provide immediate funding to help bridge the gap. 

With many funding options such as business lines of credit or a merchant cash advance from HYBRID FUNDER &FUNDING PARTNERS.


When running a business there are various circumstances that may cause you to accrue debt. Thankfully, HYBRID FUNDER can provide the income you need to pay off these debts. 

Our rates are extremely competitive and will allow you to refinance debt easily and seamlessly without the headache of long complicated applications back and forth.


Running a small business is a thrill. However, sometimes that thrill involves dealing with unexpected situations that arise and you did not account for. 

When an unexpected expense arises, HYBRID FUNDER can front you cash in as little as 24 hours to help you resume your usual functions with as little down time as possible.